The first website I ever made was a Geocities page to host some spectacularly stupid short stories I wrote in middle school. They were ostensibly detective stories, but had a lot more in common with The Tick or Sam and Max than The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. (I mean this strictly in terms of cartoonish violence, since nothing I wrote in middle school ever approached the quality or entertainment value of The Tick.)

For a few months, I had a pretty good process going. I’d write the latest adventure of my private eyes, Davy Jones and Ace, during study hall. Later, in the school library, I’d diligently type them up with HTML tags and launch them into cyberspace. Every now and then, according to the lime green web counter on the bottom of my page, somebody would actually read one.

It felt pretty good! I was part of the world, on a continuum that included He-Man Ate My Balls comics and Star Wars toy pages and the nascent world of online fan fiction. (Outside of Davy Jones and Ace, the first piece I ever published online was a short Doctor Who fan fiction about–you guessed it–the doctor’s companion Dorothy “Ace” Gale.)

Like a lot of writers who have spent years submitting stories, I’ve now got a few things published online and in print journals. I also have a whole bunch of stuff that just never got accepted. Who knows how these things are decided; there’s stuff I’ve published that now makes me cringe, and stuff nobody will take that I am really, personally proud of. Go figure.

But I miss the sheer dumb joy of posting words on a plain looking website just because I enjoy doing it. And after a few years of trying this and trying that with the site you’re on now, I’m getting back to basics, I think. Once a month, or maybe just whenever I feel like it, I’ll post something new. A short story, an interview, a blog, whatever. When the next month rolls around, I’ll replace it with something else.

That sounds all right, doesn’t it? I’ll post stuff here for free just because I like doing it, and maybe now and then my web counter will tick +1.

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