Video + Radio

More than ever, video plays a key role in connecting with your stakeholders, whether that’s on digital platforms or via broadcast television. And speaking of broadcasts, radio continues to demonstrate value as a medium despite radical changes in the entertainment landscape.

In both cases, the key is to know what message you’re trying to communicate and who you’re trying to reach. With experience in writing, production, and as talent, I have a uniquely holistic perspective on these two key marketing tools.


The energy-savings programs of POWER MOVES, created by Wabash Valley Power Alliance, are primarily focused on reaching a rural audience for whom radio remains very relevant. The spot below is one of several that I wrote, produced, and for which I provided voiceover talent.

Click to listen.


To promote their geothermal heating program, POWER MOVES wanted to create a fun, friendly, and engaging video. Enter local spokesmodel Alex Mattingly to help explain how geothermal works, the advantages it offers, and why members should consider installing a system of their own.

POWER MOVES: Co-op Solar Interactive Animation

One of the most exciting projects I worked on with POWER MOVES was the launch of Co-op Solar, a unique energy model that made solar power available to all of their members–regardless of whether they installed solar panels. That’s a big deal, but a complicated concept to explain.

To help, I wrote and produced an interactive animation to help their audience understand how it all works.

Watch it here.

Indianapolis Public Schools: Innovation Schools

The Innovation Schools model from Indianapolis Public Schools is unique. It’s also the result of a joint effort by IPS, The Mind Trust, the the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation. When IPS found itself in need of a short video to explain not just the school model but how it came into existence, I wrote and produced a video to help them do just that.

Watch it here.

2021 OneAmerica Annual Report: Built Around Families

As the writer and producer for the OneAmerica annual report, it was always a privilege to speak directly to customers and clients. As a company, OneAmerica demonstrates a uniquely empathetic and human-centered approach in everything it does. Telling those stories allowed us to communicate those values in a meaningful way.

Here is one story I’m particularly proud of. For this piece, I both wrote the content, interviewed the customer on camera, and produced the final video.

See the story here.